Body & Frame

Windguard™ Windshields - ATV

- Protects face, torso and hands from wind, weather and debris on the trail
- Removable in 10 seconds, no tools necessary
- Built-in beverage holder
- Dust-management system
- Includes Quick-Attach System
- Only mountable without EU-mirrors

Windguard & Windpro Windshield Quick‑Attach System Features- Two-point handlebar-mounted brackets with tapered pin design- Thumbwheel screws for easy installation or removal of windshield

'96 - '13 250 - 1000 (excl. 400 2x4/4x4, XC 450)
1436-591: Red
1436-590: Black
1436-592: Clear

Article Number: 1436-591, 1436-590, 1436-592

Trunknet - Wildcat

Aluminium front Bumper - Wildcat

Aluminum rear Bumper - Wildcat

Steel front Bumper - Wildcat

Hard Top - Wildcat

Bimini Top - Wildcat

Full Windshield - Wildcat

Half Windshield - Wildcat

Manual Windshield Wiper - Prowler / Wildcat

Soft Cab Kit

Soft Roof/Back panel - Wildcat

Soft Rear Panel - Wildcat

Overhead Bag - Wildcat

Kick Panel Bags - Wildcat

Passenger Powergrip - Wildcat

Padded Armrest - Wildcat

Aluminum Skid Plates - Wildcat

Front & Rear A-Arm Guards - Wildcat

Aluminum Step Rail - Wildcat

Steel Step Rail - Wildcat

Front Fenders - Wildcat

License Plate Kit - Universal

Grab Handles - Wildcat / Prowler

Soft-Cab Kit - Prowler

Soft-Top Kit - Prowler

Steel Cab Kit Includes - Prowler

Soft Rear Panel - Prowler

VXC Cab Kit - Prowler

2-Piece Roof - Prowler

Full Windshield - Prowler

LXC Roof Kit - Prowler

Low Windshield - Prowler

Box Rails - Prowler

Nerf Bars - Prowler

Side Steps - Prowler

Box Angel Bars Kit - Prowler

Paintable Body Panel - Prowler

Shock Covers - Prowler

Fender Flare Kit - Prowler

Rail Mount Kit - Prowler

Gun Scabbard Rail Mount - Prowler

Front Brushguard Bumper - Prowler

Sport Bumper Front Aluminum Insert - Prowler

Rear Bumper - Prowler

Sport Bumpers - Wildcat

Skid Plate

A-Arm Guards - Prowler

Side Guards - Prowler

Aluminum Light Bar - Wildcat

Handguards Sport

Hand Guards - ATV

Windguard™ Windshields - ATV

Windshield ATV

Windpro™ Windshield System - ATV

Bumper front

Rear Bumpers - ATV

Skid Plate Kit/A-Arm Guards - ATV

Hand Guards - DVX

Fender Extensions

Whip Flag

Homologated Towing Device

Combinated Pin /Ball Hitch

Brush guard 4-LED Light Mount Kit

Hand Guard Extension

Windshield Mirror Kit

Standard Windshield

Paintable Body Panels

Oil & Care, Storage

Fuel Can Holder - Wildcat

Trailerable Cover

Storage Cover - ATV

Trailerable – Cab Cover - Prowler

Trailerable – Full Size Cover - Prowler

Trailerable Cover

Synthetic Oil Change Kit – Two-Quart

Oil Change Kit

ACX Synthetic Oil

Gear Lube

Grip-it Glue


Dot 4 Brake Fluid

Oil Drum ACX

Oil Filters

Trailerable Cover DVX

Technical Accessories

Rearview Mirror - Prowler

Winch Remote/Cell Phone/GPS Holder - Wildcat/Prowler

Water Bottle/ Extinguisher Holder - Wildcat / Prowler

Flashlight Holder - Wildcat / Prowler

Switch - Wildcat / Prowler

Switch Mount Panel Kit - Wildcat / Prowler

Fast Clamps - Wildcat / Prowler

High-Back Sport Seat - Prowler

Oil Cooler - Prowler

Cab Heater

Baja Light Bar - Prowler

4-LED Light Kit - ATV / Prowler / Wildcat

Accessory Plug

Electrical Plug - ATV / Prowler / Wildcat

Accessory Extension Harnesses - ATV / Prowler / Wildcat

Accessory Adapters - ATV / Prowler / Wildcat

Arctic Cat 12-LED Light - Wildcat

Sway Bar Kit

Speedrack Sprayer

Speedrack-Mounted Sprayer

Wiring Towing Device

Battery Maintainer

2nd Battery Box Kit

ATV Pod Light

Oil Cooler

Recoil Kit

Ratchet Tie-Downs

Heavy Duty Sealed Battery

Additional Battery Leads

Heavy Duty Battery

Transport & Agriculture

Trunk Bag - Wildcat

Shoulder Bag - Wildcat

Box Net - Wildcat

Soft-Scabbard Kit - Prowler

V-Bag - Prowler

Box Enclosure - Prowler

Rail Mount Anchor - Prowler

4000-lb. Winch - Wildcat

4000-lb. Winch Kit - Wildcat

3000-lb. Winch Kit - Prowler / ATV

25000-lb. Winch Kit - ATV

Winch Accessories Kit

Winch Carrier XC 450

Winch Synthetic Rope

Fairlead Extension - Prowler / ATV

Deluxe Black Rack Bags - ATV

Lunch Back - ATV

Fender Bag - ATV

Zipperless Black Rack Bags - ATV

ATV Deluxe Rack Extensions

Rack Basket - ATV

Rack Extensions - ATV 400

Tool Holders - ATV

Bucket Hugger - ATV

Molded Rack Tray - ATV

Carryall 14" x 27" - ATV


Pin Kit

Rear Cargo Box - ATV

TRV Rear Rack Update Kit - ATV

Liner Bag - ATV

Cargo Box

Speedrack Backrest - ATV

Dual Utility Mount - ATV

Diesel /TRV Seat Kit

TRV Rear Rack Kit Standard

TRV Rear Rack Kit Deluxe


Saddle Bags

TRV Seat Bag

Speedrack Sprayer Kit

120" Folding Boom

Econo Sprayer

Cargo Box Quick-Relesae Mount Kit

Speedsert Insert

SpeedRack Side Adapter Kit

SpeedRack Rear Adapter Kit

Cargo Box Seal Kit

Rack Gun Mount

Tool Holders

Gun Scrabbard Kit

Deluxe Gun Scabbard

Gun Scabbard Mount

Clamshell Gun Scabbard

Pocket Saw

Standard Cam Buckle Tie-Downs

Ratchet Cat Tie-Downs

Arctic Cat Ratchet Tie-Downs

Cargo Net

Wheels, Tires & Tracks

Tire Carrier Kit - Prowler

4-Season Track - ATV & Prowler

Mount Kit Track - ATV & Prowler

Clutch Kit Track - Prowler & ATV

Tire Chains

Wheels 14''

Road Legal Tires

Black Magic Wheel /Tire Kit 14’’

Trailfinder Tire 14’’

14" Extended-Wear Tires

Tire Sealant

Aluminium Wheels 14''

Aluminium Wheels 14'' / 12''

Tiger Trax 2

Winter Special

Polyethylene Plow blades - ATV

Snow Deflectors - ATV

End Plates Snowplow - ATV

Edge Markers Snowplow - ATV

Standard Plow Push Frame Kit

Standard Plow Mount Kit - ATV

Quick-Attach Plow Push Frame Kit - ATV

Quick-Attach Plow Mount Kit - ATV

Quick-Attach Tigertrax Plow Extension Kit - ATV

Plow Spareparts - ATV

»Deluxe« Plow Kit - ATV

»Deluxe Quick Attach« Plow Kit

Plow Kit

Prowler Plow

Plow Actuator

Rear Hand Warmers — TRV

Muff handlebar

Handle Bar Muffs - ATV

Rear hand Muff TRV - ATV

Handle Bar Warmer

Deluxe Handle Bar/Thumb Warmers - ATV

Engine Block Heater

Wildcat Trail

Bumper Front

Rear Bumper Deluxe

Front Bumper - Aluminium

Rear Bumper Aluminium

Front Bumper black (front)

Aluminium Bumper rear (black)

Aluminium Bumper front (team green)

Aluminium Bumper Rear (Team Green)

Left Side Mirror

Right Side Mirror

Steel Rock Sliders

Aluminium Rock Sliders

Bimini Top

Soft Rear Panel

Overhaead Bag

Kick Panel Bags

Trunk Bag

Shoulder Bag

Trailerable Cover

Skid Plate

Arm Guards Front

Arm Guards Rear

Aluminium Roof - matte black

Full Windshield

Windscreen Windshield

Soft Cab Kit